The Benefits Of Skipping Rope

The grown-up version of jumping rope is such a good cardiovascular exercise that other methods would find it hard to compete, especially when it comes to endurance. Jumping rope for a few minutes is as taxing on the system as several other cardiovascular activities including running. Running on average is estimated to burn around 600 calories an hour, while skipping rope burns around 700, on average.

Naturally, not many people perform a skipping rope workout for a straight hour, but that is just for comparison. One estimate states that the benefits of skipping rope for ten minutes is about the equivalent of running a mile in eight minutes.

In addition, jumping rope is not as hard on the knees as running because the ball of the foot is absorbing much of the shock rather than the heel having the heavy impact such as happens in running. This is the reason it is a good exercise for seniors. A skipping rope workout is also used as a method of conditioning by professional athletes.

The benefits of skipping rope can be realized with any kind of cord or rope and a bit of persistence, without expensive training or equipment. Once you get in the habit of a skipping rope workout, you will surely find it an enjoyable part of your exercise routine that offers great value.

Jumping rope is excellent for working every muscle group in the body. Each muscle works extra hard just to keep you upright and tightens your muscles with each repetition. It works the upper body as you turn the rope over and over, and produces upper body burn. For the legs, your quads, hamstrings and calves are stressed with each jump, strengthening those muscles.

Beginners Workout

If you are a beginner, and just starting a jumping rope workout, try to jump for just one minute straight. It is not as easy as you would expect. Try to set aside an area in your family room or garage where a clock is visible. Play your favorite music to help you get started. Skip rope while watching the clock until one minute has passed. If any part of the minute gets out of rhythm or does not go right, start over until you can do one minute. Do not become discouraged if you cannot complete one minute in the beginning. Just do what you can and build up until you reach your goal.


The benefits of skipping rope to lose weight or get in good condition cannot be overstressed. Most of us have not thought of jumping rope and the fun it was, since childhood.

Anyone who still has any doubt about the power of a skipping rope workout to change and transform the body, has only to observe professional boxers. Take note of their physiques, with rippling muscles and practically no body fat. The one most prominent part of their training is using the jump rope. They train for hours at a time and jumping rope is a large part of their routine.