Anxiety: Can Someone End Up With Anxiety Problems If They Don’t Feel Safe In Their Body?

Although mental and emotional problems have taken centre stage in today’s world, there was a time when they were not really given the time of day. One way to look at this would be to say that it is a good thing that this has taken place.

A Healthier Approach

The reason for this is that if someone’s inner world is all at sea, they can reach out for support. So, instead of suffering in silence, they can do something about what is taking place within them.

And if someone has got a problem it is going to be vital for them to do something about it; if they just put up with it, their life is only going to get worse. They will end up being worn down and it will be even harder for them to take action.

An Analogy

For example, if one was to put there hand on something really hot, they would need to move their hand more or less straight away. If they were to leave it there, it would cause even more damage to their hand.

The longer it stays there, the weaker their hand will become and the harder it will be for them to use it. What this empathises is how important it is to recognise when there is a problem and to do something about it as soon as possible.

The Down Side

However, while it is a good thing that what is taking place on the inside is longer being overlooked, this doesn’t mean that everything is now in balance. In some cases, it is as though this is something that has gone from one extreme to the other.

For instance, certain emotions are often seen as a problem, meaning that they need to be removed altogether. When someone believes this, they are going to believe that certain emotions no longer serve a purpose.

A New Human

Being a healthy human being is then not going to have anything to do with embracing both sides of the emotional spectrum; it will be about removing the emotions that are no longer needed. What is means to be human is then being redefined and this is creating even more problems.

When someone ignores how they feel, this is going to create problems, but what will also create problems is if they try to remove the emotions that are classed as ‘negative’. It is going to be far healthier to be in the middle.

What does this mean?

One emotion that is often seen as a problem is anxiety, and it can then be normal for someone to believe that their life would be better without it. Now, if they experience high levels of anxiety and find it hard to function, this is to be expected.

Yet, if they were to completely remove this emotion, it would cause them to experience another set of problems. When someone doesn’t have anxiety problems, it will be easier for them to see the benefits of it.

The other Side

Someone like this could experience anxiety if they have an exam coming up and this can allow them to prepare in the right way. If they didn’t feel this way at this time, it could cause them to be ill-prepared.

Alternatively, they could be walking down a dark ally and, after hearing a sound, they could feel anxious. This is then going to focus their mind and make it easier for them to get away if their life is under threat.

A Different Experience

On the other hand, if one more or less always experiences anxiety, it is going to be incredibly draining. There will be the effect this has on how they feel, the effect it has on their body and mind, and how it influences their behaviour.

What is clear is that it is going to be incredibly difficult for them to relax and to be in the present moment. It might not matter what kind of environment they are in as it could be as though they are in a war zone.


This will show that it is not due to what is taking place externally that they feel the way they do, it is due to what is taking place within them. On the inside, one is not going to feel safe and this is then why they perceive their external world as dangerous.

In other words, one is projecting their inner world onto their outer world and, unless they settle down, it is not going to be possible for them to see the world differently. The big question is why is one experiencing so much inner discomfort?

A Closer Look

The part of them that is there to notify them of danger is out of control and this is why it is acting as though their life is constantly under threat. It is as if one is stuck in survival mode.

What this is likely to show is that they are carrying trauma, and while this could relate to what has taken place in their adult life, it could also go back to what happened at the beginning of their life. During this time, they may have been abused and/or neglected by their caregiver/s.


This would have caused their body and mind to be flooded with trauma, thereby stopping them from being able to function as a whole human being. Other parts of their brain won’t be able to work in the right way, and this is why they will be stuck in fight, flight or freeze mode.

If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, it might be necessary for them to reach out for external support. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.