Flexible Yoga for Backbone Pain Relief and Overall Health

Are you above 40 and thinking that developing hip flexibility or spinal flexibility at this age will not be possible? If yes, then read on. Hitting 40 is not an excuse to deprive yourself of good health, stamina and joint-pain free life you really deserve. However, what is important is to understand and choose something that works. Flexible yoga, as the name suggests is what you can try for back and hip flexibility, which is what keeps your overall fitness in good shape.

What is flexible yoga

As mentioned in one of our previous posts that yoga is not just a set of asanas or postures, flexible yoga is also not just about physical suppleness. However, we’ll keep the topic limited to physical flexibility for now. The basic idea behind flexible yoga is to develop suppleness in muscles and joints by using the most suitable set of asanas. As your spine becomes more flexible, you start gaining more stamina and overall better health.

Pashchimottasana to make your spine supple

It goes without saying that yoga as a whole is highly effective to control and cure many muscle and mind related issues. However, people have their own preferences in terms of choosing the right types of yogic postures, which are effective depending on individual needs. Personally, I like Pashchimottanasa to make and keep my spine flexible.

Yoga for spinal suppleness

  • Surya Namaskar-Sun Salutation (12-step sequence)
  • Chakrasana-Semi-circular pose
  • Bhujangasana-Cobra pose
  • Ustrasanana -Camel pose
  • Paschimottansana-Forward bend
  • Balasana-Child’s pose
  • Shashankasana-Rabbit pose
  • Halasana-Plough pose
  • Sun salutation-surya namaskar

Developing flexibility easily

There are various other postures and variations of the above mentioned poses. It all depends upon what suits you and fits into your hectic daily schedule. Starting with easy postures such as child’s pose or cat cow pose, which can be done immediately after waking up while you are still in bed, are highly effective for beginners. You can move on to tougher postures as your spine starts becoming flexible.

Easy posture for spinal flexibility

Stretching is highly effective for suppleness of spine, muscles and other associated organs. You can start your day with a few stretching exercises such as cat cow pose. This is the easiest way to start making your spine flexible in addition to kick-starting your day actively and relieving your neck or back pain, if any.

Make your spine flexible effortlessly

We have covered Bhujangasana previously, but there is also a simple variation of this pose, which can be also be highly effective in keeping your backbone flexible, digestive system strong and neck pain-free. Simply lie flat on your stomach and lift your head and torso supported by your elbows. You need not stretch fully like you do while performing full Bhujangasana.

Natural Stretch -Benefits of semi-Bhujangasana

  • No special equipment, place or time recommended.
  • You can do this anytime except after meals
  • You can also read, write or watch TV if this posture
  • Keeps your digestive systems strong
  • Reduces big belly and helps in overall weight loss
  • Makes your spine supple without having to do specific set of exercises
  • Relieves and prevents neck and back pain
  • Relieves tiredness and fatigue immediately
  • Positive state of mind
  • Stretching in any form is one of the most effective ways to develop spinal flexiblity which is highly recommended for overall health.

Stretching is one of the most effective ways to develop spinal flexiblity which is highly recommended for overall health.