Dermal Fillers To Erase Dark Circles From Under The Eyes

It’s the eyes that first catch another person’s attention, and this can concern a lot of men and women if they have sunken eyes, dark circles or bags under the eyes.

Your eyes can tell a lot about you; your age, emotion, or your health.

  • Loss of volume around the eye area exposes the orbital bone, resulting in a hollowed appearance beneath the eyes
  • Changes in the skin’s colour or pigmentation are common among those of African or Asian descent, causing dark circles under the eyes
  • Eye bags and dark circles can also be genetic, and there’s a high chance that you could develop it as well, if some of your family have them too
  • Sun exposure can produce excess melanin which can also cause darkening around the eye area
  • Dark under eye circles can also be caused by allergic reactions.
  • A hectic social life, with late night outs, excess alcohol or smoking, can all temporarily darken the eye area

As we grow older we notice certain facial changes, and one that’s commonly commented on is the dark circles under the lower eyelids, which can make you look tired and older than you really are, and it only gets worse as time goes on.

The skin loses some of its volume and elasticity and the decrease of collagen production and elastin causes it to becomes thinner and the loss of fatty tissues can cause a hollow or sunken appearance. The eye bag or tear trough is the groove between the lower eyelid and the cheek, caused by a loss of volume around eye area which exposes the orbital bone.

If you’re looking for a quick fix you’ll find that make-up is the easiest option, helping to camouflage the areas that give you concern. Concealer, foundation and tinted moisturisers can help to cover up any dark areas and shadows temporarily, but they won’t remedy the problem. Injectable treatments can improve sunken eyes and under eye circles, using dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers will help to visibly reduce the fine lines and creases around the eyes. With sunken eyes, dermal filler not only fills in that hollow area, but it also helps to increase collagen production. Most cosmetic clinics use dermal fillers which are non-animal based, and are extremely safe. The filler get injected into the deeper layers of skin, and over the following weeks will cause rehydration of the skin and underlying tissues, improving and rejuvenating your face.