How To Stop Having Traumatic Experiences

Your dreams help you understand that logical thinking depends on morality and philosophy.

Your moral sense helps you understand the importance of sacred values and the meaning of dignity. Your moral sense protects your conscience from the absurdity and the evilness imposed by your satanic anti-conscience and by the commercial world.

Your philosophy of life determines the way you interpret your reality and the way you act.

You must respect the laws of logical thinking, and you must follow a philosophy of life that helps you have a wise attitude in all situations in order to be a mentally healthy human being.

God already discovered the best philosophy of life for every human being. You only have to follow His philosophy in order to think logically and always have the behavior of a saint.

However, your primitive conscience is violent and immoral and it doesn’t let you understand the meaning of goodness. Therefore, what could be very simple is in fact very difficult for you.

You cannot simply obey God’s guidance without revolt. You need many explanations to be able to agree with God’s peaceful philosophy of life.

Your primitive conscience, the terrible anti-conscience is a true demon. The demon makes you prefer to be violent, immoral, indifferent, and cruel.

This means that your evil self prevents your evolution. It doesn’t let you become more intelligent and sensitive.

Your dreams help you understand how to fight your evil self. You learn how to have the behavior of a saint, even though you are basically a demon with a tiny conscience, and your conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided.

You also are basically idiotic, even though you believe that you are intelligent.

God shows you in your dreams how you can fight your satanic anti-conscience and become more intelligent by giving you many explanations about everything that is important for you.

God gives you many lessons until He manages to convince you that you have to become a better person and agree with His philosophy of life, which is based on goodness and wisdom.

When you become a better person, you stop having mental health problems. You become a mentally healthy, calm, wise, and sensitive human being.

God manages to convince you that you should agree with Him after sending you many dreams about the same matters because He shows you how the future will be and what you can do in order to prevent bad outcomes. So, you understand the existence of a relationship between your behavior and what happens to you.

You stop believing that everything happens by chance and you discover the reasons behind the formation of every part of your reality.

This means that you understand that the bad experiences you have in life are in fact the consequences of your mistakes.

You understand that you must stop making mistakes in order to stop having traumatic experiences.

You also understand that nothing has any meaning if you are disgusted with yourself and your behavior and you regret your actions.

This comprehension helps you understand that you must have the behavior of a saint in order to be glad with yourself and your actions.