The High Blood Sugar Levels Can Be Normalized

The glucose levels in the human blood do increase due to several factors. Such increments are responsible for various types of abnormal behaviour of the human body. This type of disorder has been increasing due to life style factors such as food habits, stress levels, etc. The researchers could not invent any medicine to cure the disorder yet!. The transformation of life style can reverse the disorder.

Consuming unprocessed foods is one of the most important steps to control the increasing blood glucose levels. The dark coloured vegetables are highly helpful. The patients need to take foods rich in fiber and proteins. Among the fruits, its advised to avoid the excessive consumption of mango, banana, sapota, etc which do contain excessive amounts of sugar. The green leafy vegetables, bitter gourd, brinjal, etc need to be consumed everyday. Shifting to the consumption of brown rice from white rice is vital in controlling the above said disorder. Whole wheat bread, oats, cooked vegetables, boiled eggs, nuts, salads, etc need to be taken as a break fast.

The symptoms are variable from person to person depending upon several biological factors. But the general symptoms of high blood sugar levels include, frequent urination especially during the nights, dry mouth, excessive thirst, etc. In some patients, the symptoms cannot appear, hence occasional blood sugar diagnosis is the only way to know the status of one’s blood sugar levels. In the initial stages of the disorder, its ideal to avoid consumption of any drugs. Physical exercise, alteration of food habits, etc can bring the blood sugar levels to normal range!. But the uncontrolled high blood sugar levels will damage several organs such as the eyes, heart, kidneys, etc. The damage caused does depend upon several factors and is variable from person to person. The rich people can afford expensive foods such as eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.

For the poor people there are some simple home remedies to control the increasing blood sugar levels in the blood. Reduction of weight is one of the best remedies. obesity is one of the major causes of several life style diseases. The neem leaves should be boiled for about twenty minutes, and then filtered to be consumed everyday for about a week depending upon the sugar levels. Similarly, fenugreek should be soaked throughout the night, and can be taken with empty stomach early in the morning. Consumption of millets too is advised. The major remedy is to transform the life style.