Penis Pain: Does It Mean Testicular Cancer?

When a man suffers from penis pain, his worst fears start to dance around in the back of his mind. Even if he knows, deep down, that nothing is seriously wrong, he will begin to worry about what might eventually happen. And for most guys, that includes worries about testicular cancer.

It is very important to check for testicular cancer on a regular basis. It can be a virtually silent problem, one that causes no penis pain at all until it is in advanced stages. That’s why men should always take the time, at least once a month, to examine themselves properly to ensure that there are no problems or changes in their little fellows. In addition, a guy should have an exam done with a board-certified urologist at least once a year to help ensure that he’s not missing anything.

Doing a self-check is pretty easy. A man simply has to manipulate his testicles, feeling them thoroughly, and learn about the certain “landmarks” that are supposed to be there versus something that feels different. The more familiar he is with his testicles, the more likely he will be to spot a problem as soon as it starts.

What to Know About Testicular Cancer

When a guy is feeling his boys, he needs to know what to look for. Here are some points to keep in mind when it’s time to check.

– A healthy testicle will have some bumps. That’s because of the tiny tube between the testicles and the penis that carries sperm out during ejaculation. It might feel like a marble or a pea, or even a lump of about an inch or so. The key is making sure the same bump (or similar bump) is on both sides.

– There might be some slight pain. It’s important to remember that the testicles are very sensitive, especially when they are being manipulated. Keep in mind that this might be uncomfortable, especially if a guy is really feeling around with intent, but it should not cause penis pain.

– The testicles should feel soft. Though it should be easy to grasp and manipulate each testicle, they should feel soft to the touch. A guy should be able to squeeze them and feel some “give” to the tissue. If they feel hard and solid, that’s cause for concern. It’s also cause for concern if they feel a bit heavier than usual, such as if they were filled with fluid.

– Testicle size should stay roughly the same. There’s a myth about testicles that say they can change size from month to month. Though there might occasionally be some small changes if a man has had vigorous sexual activity or has sustained some sort of injury, the testicles should usually be about the same size each time a man does the exam.

– Testicles should hang unevenly. The testicles move around in the scrotum. This allows them to move into certain positions to maintain a proper temperature. So it’s not unusual that one of them hangs lower than the other at any given moment. However, if one is hanging much lower than usual and causing penis pain, it’s time to see the doctor.

– Check out the penis, too. When manipulating the balls, make sure the penis is also included. It’s important to look for issues that might occur with the penis while testing the testicles, such as discharge from the tip of the penis, any sort of penis pain, or redness or swelling. These might indicate a problem that a guy couldn’t feel during the testicular exam.

– Stop worrying. It’s important to remember that testicular cancer happens to a very small number of men, and that most conditions that might seem to be cancer are actually not. The more a man worries about it, the more fixated on bad outcomes he can get.

Take Care of the Penis

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