Trying to Stay Happy

Everyone wants to be happy, of course, and everyone deserves happiness. It is a part of good mental and emotional health to be happy. Life is meant to be enjoyed. However, it can be difficult to be happy during hard times such as what the world is experiencing now in this Covid19 pandemic of huge consequences.

Happiness is not always easy to achieve, and it is especially hard to feel happiness when things are going badly. These are difficult and strange times which no one ever would have expected. Good things and bad things come into the lives of everyone who ever lived on the earth. However, usually happiness is attainable even though there will be rough patches come to everyone during their lifetimes.

Although people have been suffering from loneliness and despair during this period of self isolation and social distancing with stay at home orders having been in place for some time for much of the population of the world, it is important to keep a positive mental attitude. Eventually things will get back to normal, and it will be easier if we can keep our spirits up.

Gratitude is often said to be something that each of us should practice no matter what is going on in our lives. Being grateful for what you have is one way to feel happiness. No matter what is happening or has happened in our lives, there is usually someone who is worse off. We should count our blessings regularly.

If we and our families have not been personally affected by the Covid19 virus, we can feel thankful and happy that we have been kept safe. If we have had family members or friends who have tested positive for the virus, have suffered the symptoms and recovered, or even possibly have died from the virus, we need to keep a positive mental attitude. This is easier said than done when grief and hardship prevail. When difficult times come, we must weather the storm and try to regain a sense of calm.

It is important to not dwell on the past and to have faith in what the future will bring. Planning for a better day and hope for the future will help to bring happiness into our lives.

The incarceration of innocent Japanese Americans and immigrants from Japan during World War II into camps brought much hardship. It was difficult for people to be happy in the camps. Children and teenagers who were placed there did feel a degree of happiness as they made friends. The older people had a difficult time, and they were not happy with the loss of their freedom. However, they persevered and finally things did get better when they were released after the war ended and were able to resume their lives as free citizens. It wasn’t easy, but most were able to find happiness again as their lives eventually returned to a sense of normalcy.

The pandemic is a crisis of immeasurable proportions of hardship and despair. Happiness can be achieved and maintained with a positive mental attitude and faith in the future. Trying to stay happy may take a supreme effort, but it will pay off in the end.