Most Gained Weight During Pandemic Restrictions! How Will You Lose Weight?: 5 Things To Consider!

A recent study, stated, most people gained weight, during the period, when we were, self – quarantining, or staying home, much more, than usual! In fact, it stated, the average, weight – gain, was about 1.8 pounds, per month, and since, this pandemic is now, over a year – old, some gained a significant amount of unwanted – weight, etc. Many people, today, believe, we are finally, seeing some light, at the end, of the tunnel, and, are beginning concerned, with their personal appearance, etc, and considering, how to address this, effectively. Every year, millions of people, resort to a variety of diet – plans, around the beginning of Spring, in what is, often, referred to, as, the bathing suit, mentality, etc. When, these factors, are combined, if, one, wishes to lose weight, he must consider, the best, path forward, for him, personally! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things to consider, to enhance the possibilities, of succeeding, in these efforts.

1. Mindset/ attitude: Give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and proceed, with a mindset, to become your personal best! Will you commit to proceeding, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and a willingness, to proactively, take – charge, and maintain the persistence, commitment, and discipline, necessary?

2. Affirmations/ self – help: Learn all you can, about the advantages of using, a well – created, Affirmations List, and committing to using it, to assist you, in your quest, to lose the unwanted, pounds! How will you use, quality, self – help, to make your chances, to succeed, better?

3. Food choices/ eating habits/ personal restrictions: Identify, your personal eating habits, and which food, you choose to eat, and prefer, as well, as personal restrictions, you’ve placed, on what, you are willing to do! For example, for someone, who won’t eat fish, and/ or, chicken, certain vegetables, and other foods, regularly, it makes little sense, to attempt, a plan, which emphasizes, these! The choice, we make, on the best way, for us, to proceed, often, differentiates between, being one, of the few, successful dieters, and the rest of us!

4. Overall health/ health issues and concerns: Never start any weight – loss plan, until, first, consulting your health professional, to be certain, the approach, you select, is right, for you! Taking off, pounds, requires commitment, sacrifice, and discipline, as well, as reducing, any potential, side – effects/ ramifications!

5. Which approach makes sense, for you?: Which diet, makes the most sense, for you? Will diet and exercise, low – calories, low – fat, low – carbohydrates, or some other approach, be the wisest path, for you, to pursue?

If you wish to successfully, take off unwanted pounds, you must control, and consider, all the information, above! Are you, up to the tasks?